June 2, 2007

Detailed Description::

Hackcube is glowing automagical amulet that casts 9 randomly selected
spells on unsuspecting computers while softly singing generative
celestial songs in it’s own magical languages. As powerful digital
talisman containing 9 magic spells, Hackcube is a self contained device
that interacts wirelessly with computers in it’s direct proximity.

Hackcube es un amuleto mágico que tirandole al hazar genera
juegos en ordenadoresacompañado de musica en su propio lenguaje.
Es un talisman con 9 juegos. Hackcube es un artefacto que interactua a
distancia con ordenadores.

The user of this automagical amulet must hold and shake Hackcube in front
of the computer that they wish to bewitch. Hackcube ‘s inner glow increases
and it emits a soft pulsing light while it’s singing voice raises to
an audible level. Hackcube then chooses from 1 of 9 spells to cast on the
system. As the Hackcube amulet chooses a spell it begins to glow more
brightly with the spell’s specific color.

La persona que utiliza el amuleto le tiene que sacudir enfrente del ordenador
que quiere encantar.Hackcube emite luz desde dentro la cual es acompañada

con sonido . Cada vez que Hackcube escoge una juego empieza el cubo
y aluminarse más y más conun color determinado.

When the spells are castson the nearby computer, Hackcube invokes a magic
command line applicationwindow that automagically opens on the computer screen,
running andexecuting 1 of the 9 spells.The magic command line application
window invokes spells of specific significance to our contemporary
computer cultures.

Cuando los juegos han sido escogidos por el cubo en el ordenador más cercano.
Hackcube invocaun comando mágico el cual habre una aplicación
que automaticamantese abre en la pantalla delordenador.

El comando mágico ejecuta 1 de los 9 juegos,
( juegos que tienes una grado de significación dentro
del arte comteporaneo virtual).

The spells that Hackcube chooses are beyond the control
of the computer user or those that hold Hackcube . As an autonomous system
Hackcube selects from the 9 spells inscribed inside Hackcube to: turn computers
on; restart them; make data disappear; make data reappear; saw an
operating system in half; run the rabbit virus; cast a spell of
protection against the rabbit virus; create order; or finally to
create chaos in selected files and file structures on the system
being manipulated.

Los juegos de Hackcube se anteimponen y cogen control sobre el rodenador.
Hackcube posee un sistema autonómico el cual seleciona 9 juegos:

los cuales consistenen apaga el ordenador , quitar información de la pantalla,
hacer informacion aparecer,ver el sistema operativo dividido en dos,
y tal vez crear caos en todo el sistema.

Combining artistic hardware and software development, the Hackcube project
recasts and recodes magic as a form of hacking, cracking and virus
authoring because those that use Hackcube can attempt to intervene in the
normal operating of unsuspecting computers. Hackcube is itself a small and
seductive device, glowing, singing and murmuring in it’s own magical
languages. Hackcube responds when users approach it, glowing brighter and
singing more loudly as it as it is held and shaken.

Haciendo una combinacion de arte electrónico el Hackcube crea magia atravez
de hacking,
cracking y aplicaciones malignas.Hackcube es un seductivo artefacto,
que se ilumina, genera su poprio lenguaje atravez de sus sonidos.
Hackcube respondede una manera intreactiva al usuario aumentando
su iluminación y aumentando el sonido de su murmullo a medida que es sacudido.

The user castsspells but cannot control what spell Hackcube will choose.
As a powerfulbut autonomous tool, Hackcube retains it’s own agency as endowed and
articulated by the spells it casts across all operating systems. The
magical command line application window that IX creates on the
bewitched computer itself invokes not only the spells IX has cast but
also a sense of unexplainable mystery as Hackcube seizes control of the
computer and making the machine behave in ways that are unpredictable
and unexpected.

[concept by Nina Wenhart + Jon Cates]


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