June 7, 2007


/// this is the gorgeous magical cmd line app by jake+tamas [ early build ] \\\

Today we’ve been troubleshooting various problems that have come up with the setup/hardware. A certain element of the software that we are using to control the wii remote turns out the be mac-compliant only. So their has been a bit of a scramble to settle the issue of which option is best. Macintosh’s BlueTooth stack seems to be best between win/mac, so we have chosen to still use Max+mac, but now we are scrambling to assemble the hardware.

We’ve also had some setbacks (again) to the LED+CUBE setup. Were working through it and managing, altering slightly the outcome but still maintaining some interactivity. Fernando wired a ShiftOut setup and were also working on controlling it with Arduino+bluetooth via variables from max. So when it is picked up it will pass an active boolean, and when at rest it will send resting command via ascii2max.

Jake+Tamas sent us some demo versions of their terminal app and it is gorgeous.

Also, some of us who worked later into the night on a special agreement with the festival managed to purportedly [ according to the security guard ] knock out a substantial amount of Madrid’s power grid [ half, according to the guard ]. My favorite theory is that a fellow attendee shorted his USB powered Arduino board, which caused his laptop to crash/short and then it went dark…

thursday 2

thursday 3

thursday 4


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